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Club After Dark

https://vimeo.com/637048961 Advertisement campaign for Club After Dark.Client: Christer Lindarw/My Blomberg/Mikael Jernberg LIOL AB. DOP/Photo: Martin Stolpe. CD/Director: Magnus Skogsberg Tear/ Christer Lindarw. Account Manager: Sanna Heyman. ArtDirector/UXDesign/Edit&Postproduction: Whilliam Silva. Music: Let's Go Party After Dark · After Dark ...

BabyBjörn – Designed to last

https://vimeo.com/536850556 https://vimeo.com/536850900 A visual documentary about the process and passion of the development, care and design of the BabyBjörn brand experience and products. Shot on location in Stockholm. Client: BabyBjörn, CD/Director: Magnus Skogsberg Tear, Account Manager: Sanna Heyman, ...

Promotion videos for HEfitness

A bunch of varied promotion videos for HEfitness. https://vimeo.com/426756088 https://vimeo.com/426755145 https://vimeo.com/426755194 https://vimeo.com/426755169 https://vimeo.com/426755128 https://vimeo.com/426755053 https://vimeo.com/426755091    
Fundacion Aldo Castaneda

Fundacion Aldo Castaneda

[vc_video link="https://vimeo.com/242802472" align="center" title="Fundacion Aldo Castaneda"] A video for Ebba's campaign for Fundacion Aldo Castaneda.
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